Stevens Creek Farm Silver Dressage Show - May 27th, 2017

Stevens Creek Farm

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Download: SCF May 27 PrizeList.pdf

Prize List for the May 27th, 2017 Show:

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**NEW** - ‍‍‍‍‍‍Omnibus Page - August 27th (was July 9th) Horse Trials:







Show InFormation

Stevens Creek Farm Horse Tri‍‍‍als

Omnibus Page - August 13th, 2017 Horse Trials:

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Download: 2017 Eventing Entry Form.pdf

2017 Eventing Entry Form:

Results for the May 27th, 2017 Show:

Download: Stevens Creek Farm Silver Dressag Show 2017 Results.pdf

Stevens Creek Farm Horse Trials - July 9th Postponed to August 27th

New Closing Date - Wednesday, August 16th

We are very grateful for the support this area has given to our event over the past few years. We work hard to make improvements and to reinvest from the event income into the facility  to enrich your experience here. We are very sorry to announce that due to the rain, we must postpone our July 9th Horse Trial to August 27th. We are sorry because we had a super entry for Ottawa with 132 horses entered with more entries still coming in.  
This year we have some changes to the courses and several really cute new jumps for the lower levels to add made by Dylan Barry. The record rain we had this past week and the existing high water table and saturated ground has left the water nowhere to go. We have been unable to work in the fields at the risk of ruining our great footing. I think too all the green horses would have had trouble crossing the streams which are full of water.  On that note these conditions do make for super schooling so consider coming to the Selena O’Hanlon Clinic or come for a cross country lesson from one of our experienced coaches when we open the course. We will post on FB and our website when the course is open.  

Entries can be transferred to our next event or riders may get a full refund. Just let our secretary know your wishes.

Download: August 27th Stevens Creek 2017 Omnibus.pdf


Stevens Creek Farm Horse Trials #2


Download: August 13th SCF HT#2 - Times.pdf

Start Times - August 13th

Download: Full Result List - Aug 13th 2017.pdf

Stevens Creek Farm Horse Trials #1 - *August 27th*

Here is the entry status for our horse trials at the end of this month. If you see a mistake please email me, Ashley, at [email protected] I apologize for any mistakes or things I may have missed. I did my best to keep track of everything with the postponed event and the August 13th event but I may have missed a few things so please do not worry! The list will be updated on Monday.

Download: Entry Status_ Stevens Creek Horse Trials #1.pdf