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Stevens Creek Farm Activity Participation Waiver

MANDATORY for all visitors to Stevens Creek Farm, including all riders, officials

family members, spectators, volunteers, grooms, coaches and anyone wishing to

attend clinics, camps, lessons or competitions at SCF


2020 SCF Competition/Clinic Schedule and Prize Lists


October 11: HALLOWEEN Schooling Horse Trial

T, PT, E, PE and XC Pairs Class


August 29-30: Stevens Creek Farm GOLD Horse Trial              

NCHTA  (OP, EV-105, T, PT, E, PE)












July 11: Stevens Creek Farm ESD Dressage Show




July 12: Stevens Creek Farm Silver Dressage Show




If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Secretary, Sarah Richardson, at [email protected]


Stevens Creek Farm

Show Information

Thank you very much for considering sponsorship of our Stevens Creek Farm competitions. The equestrian sport exists at the grass roots level with zero government support. We do not have the luxury of municipally run recreation centers with hockey rinks and pools or schools with lovely big gyms. Our sport is supported by private facility owners and by the generous donations of business and individuals. We are very dependent on your support in order to provide competitive events for our athletes to compete at for fun or the pursuit of excellence.  We are very grateful for support in the form of prizes, cash donations and goods in kind to help make our sport affordable. Please see the attachment to find out more.

2020 Stevens Creek Calendar

Stevens Creek Farm Competitions Sponsorship

Download: Sponsorship Pamphlet.pdf

SCF ESD Dressage Show July  11 2020 - PRIZE LIST

SCF Silver Dressage Show July 12 2020 - PRIZE LIST

SCF Activity Participation Waiver

Download: XC Pinny numbers Stevens Creek Horse Trial

Download: Saddlepad numbers Stevens Creek Horse Trial

Pre-Entry 2020 XC Map

Prelim 2020 XC Map

Training 2020 XC Map

Entry 2020 XC Map

Pre-Training 2020 XC Map

EV 105 XC Map

Download: Ride Times.2.pdf

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