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The Stevens Creek Farm competitive program encompasses hunter-jumper, dressage and eventing competitions. We compete in the local Silver and Bronze Hunter Jumper Trillium circuit and the local Gold shows with a concentration on jumpers and we compete in the Ontario and Quebec eventing circuits. We accommodate different levels of concentration from part-time adult riders to serious competitive jumper and event riders.   Our event rider program is one of the best in the country repeatedly producing top riders who have competed successfully both nationally and internationally and represented Canada and Ontario at international competitions. Beginner riders interested in competition usually start in the recreational program and as their skill level and interest grows they graduate to the competitive program. Horse Leasing is an option for competitive riders.


About Our Program

2016 Ontario Horse Trial Championships - L. to R.: Pre-training Jr Reserve Champion Moira de Ste. Croix on Ulana; Entry Jr Champion Angela Hill on Country Classic;

Training Jr Champion Rosemary Hill on The Pagan; Prelim Jr Champion Abigail Jameison-Scott on Hot Rod; Prelim Sr Champion Julia Fraser on Dalwhinnie

Stevens Creek Farm

Here are some of our winners from 2016.