Stevens Creek Farm caters to all levels and ages of riders with both leisure and competitive objectives.

Recreational Lessons

The recreational riding program is a great way to learn to ride or to revisit the riding joys of your youth and stay in shape. You may choose to participate in our spring and fall 12 week sessions, take lessons monthly or on a per diem basis if space allows.  Session lesson rates are the best value.  Phone/e-mail registration begins one month before the start of the session. Payment is due on the first lesson day of the session. Part of our training includes taking riders when ready out into the countryside to trail ride or do what is known as hacking. We are very fortunate to have friendly neighbours and four farms with over 300 combined acres to hack on.

“People always seem to be so surprised on how satisfying and peaceful it is to ride in the countryside”  - Sr. Coach, Ashley Moore

2018 Fall Riding Session - "Same prices as the spring session"

This session starts Monday September 10th and goes to the first weekend in December. The Group Fall Session lessons are for riders who can walk trot around the ring independently. Beginners must start with private lessons and graduate to group lessons when ready.

Dates:       Monday, September 10th to Monday, December 5th, 2018          

Fee:                Low monthly fee of $152.22 per month from September to December.    

12 weeks @ $45/lesson  Payment option in full at the start is $610.20 ($540+hst $70.20)

- Payment is due at your child’s first lesson.  

- 4 post dated cheques for $152.55 dated Sept. 10th, Oct. 1st, Nov. 1st and Dec. 1st, 2018 .  

- Late registration is accepted and the prorated fee is based on $50 per lesson.

- Missed lessons may be made up if the schedule permits but are not credited to payment or future sessions.  

Phone/e-mail registration begins one month before the start of the session. Payment is due on the first lesson day of the session.

Regular Monthly Lessons

Riders sign up on a monthly basis before the first of the month. Payment is due the first of the month.

-   4 group lessons - Paid on the 1st of the month ($55 per 45 m. to 1 hr. of riding)                   $220.00    28.60        $248.60

-   2 lessons per week (an introduction to part board)                                                                     $400.00    52.00        $452.00

-  1st Time Trial Lesson-group or private and per diem rate                                                          $60.00       7.80         $ 67.80

Practice Rides:    Four practice rides($40 ea)                                                                               ‍‍‍$160.00    20.80        $180.80

For riders under 16, parents must be present after stable hours for practice rides to supervise their child as there is no staff after 4pm.

During the day, practice rides and supervised hacks are encouraged but need to be scheduled with staff at no extra charge.

Registration and Sign Up- email, phone or text to register for lessons

For more information see Contact Page

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