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Stevens Creek Farm caters to all levels and ages of riders with both leisure and competitive objectives.

As well as regular indoor arena riding we include outdoor trail riding (hacking) for those who are interested and our school

horses are well trained for both outdoor and indoor riding requirements.

Recreational Lessons
The recreational riding program is a great way to learn to ride or to revisit the riding joys of your youth and stay in shape.

Beginner riders start with private lessons. The session lessons are for riders who can walk and trot around the ring

independently.  You may choose to participate in seasonal sessions, take lessons monthly or take lessons on a per diem basis if

space allows.   Private and group lessons range from $55 to $90 ea. depending on your interest.

What You Need for Clothing

What you need is a helmet, snug fitting stretchy pants, shirt with short sleeves, boots with a heel and gloves(optional in the summer). You do not have to go out and buy clothes for your first few lessons. Please no loose fitting hoodies, loopy earings or tank tops. Hair must be tied up in one or two braids or in a hair net. We have helmets you can use or bring your bike helmet, tight or exercise pants work, knee socks are important, snug gloves, and boots with a heel. If you decide to continue we recommend your own helmet, paddock boots and half chaps as standard wear with stretchy pants or riding pants.
Trial Lesson

This lesson is suitable for beginner to advanced. The purpose of this lesson is to assess your skill level and to discuss your

riding goals in order to make a plan for your riding needs. The lesson is one hour and is divided into these three parts: get

horse from stall/paddock, groom and tack up;  ride;  untack, groom and put horse away.

One Private Trial Lesson(beginner)     - under 18                   $65.00                      8.45                   $73.45                                                                                                  - adults                        $75.00                      9.75                    $84.75

2021 Spring Session-group lessons

This session starts in March and goes to the end of May. Lessons do run Easter Monday but during the day.

Dates:         March 1, 2021 to May 23, 2021       -12 [email protected] $50 per lesson-      

Fee:            $678 ($600 plus HST $78) for the session or $226 per month

Please date cheques for March 1, April 1 and May 1, 2021.  

 2021 Summer Riding Session-group lessonsThis session runs in June and July  and includes 8 lessons.

Dates:        May 31 to July 25, 2021                    -8 [email protected] $60 per lesson-      

Fee:            $542.40($480 plus hst$62.40) or two post dated cheque payments of $271.20                  

Please date cheques for  June 1 and July 1, 2021 payable to "Stevens Creek Farm".

2021 Fall Riding Session-group lessons

This session starts the second week of school in September and goes to November.

Dates:         Tuesday, September 7 to Monday, November 29 , 2020 (12 [email protected] $55 per lesson)      

Fee:              $746 ($660 plus HST $86) for the session or $249 per month.                      

Please date cheques for Sept.1, Oct. 1 and Nov.1, 2021.

Monthly  or Daily Lesson Options                                                                                              

One Private Lesson(beginner)  - under 18                   $65.00                     8.45                    $73.45                                            --                                                    -adults                       $75.00                      9.75                    $84.75

                                    -it usually takes 4 to 8 private lessons before you can join a group lesson.

4 group lessons - $60 per lesson                                   $240.00                    31.20                   $271.20

8 lessons/rides(2 per week) - $55 per lesson                $440.00                    57.20                  $497.20

Practice Rides: Four practice rides($50/ride)              $200.00                   26.00                   $226.00*

* Riders must be cantering comfortably to purchase Practice Rides. For riders under 18 parents must be present to supervise after hours(4pm).  Check with staff for staff supervised riding times.

To Upgrade

There are several options to upgrade. You can upgrade to two lessons a month or consider a part lease of a Stevens Creek Farm school horse. Leasing gives you three(3) days a week of riding with one or two lessons and you get a taste of horse ownership without the full cost and responsibility of ownership.  Agreements vary depending on the horse. If you are interested in an upgrade please mention this to your instructor or call the office so we can explain your different options.

Registration, Policy and Payment Details

- Register by phone, email, text or in person preferably one month before the start of the session.

-You will get a confirmation of registration within a few weeks. If you do not please contact us.

- Payment by cash, cheque or e-transfer are due the first day of the month or the first lesson day of the session.

- Late registration is accepted if there is room with a $20 late fee and a prorated per lesson fee is calculated.

- Missed lessons may be made up or refunded only in exceptional circumstances of doctor certified injury or illness.

- There is no make up lesson policy.

- Cheques are payable to 'Stevens Creek Farm'.  


For more information, please call the office at (613) 489-0248.  

or email us at this email:  [email protected]





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Recreational Riding Lessons

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