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Summer Camps

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2018 Summer Camp Information

Age of Children: 6 to 14

Dates:  Week Dates                          Camp Type

Week 1 July 3-6 Beginner Camp - learning to ride all ages (4 day camp)

Week 2 July 9-13 Regular Camp - minimum walk trot independently

Week 3 July 30-Aug.3 Regular Camp - minimum walk trot independently  

Week 4 August 8-11 Event Rider Camp - SCF boarders

  • Includes how to prepare for an away show (Lane’s End Optional)

Summer Camp Registration and Fees

Registration and payment are due June 1st for July camps and August 1st for August camp.

Full Day $400.00 $52.00         $452.00

Event Rider Camp fee TBA

July 3-6 Camp(4 days)          $320.00          $41.60          $361.60

Cheques payable to “Stevens Creek Farm”

Times: 8:30am   4:00pm      (Applies to all camps)

- Before and after camp child care is available on request (fee subject to time)

Camp days are tiring and often hot. Campers need to eat healthy and be well rested

‍‍‍‍‍A Typical Day‍‍ - Summer

8:30 - Cooperative Games/theory and practical horse care

Chickens-collect eggs and feed chicks and layers

9:00 - Ride (half hour prep. time before and after ride)

11:00 - Horsemanship-ie.groom horse,clean tack, learn about horses and running a stable etc

12:00 - Lunch and swim - pool games

1:00 - Arts and crafts, Team Nature Treasure Hunt, non-equestrian activity

2:30 - Horseback games, vaulting, learn to ride bareback etc

3:45 - Tidy-up

4:00 - Pick-up time

March Break Camps - days are similar but concentrate on the stable schedule more and no swimming.

What To Bring and Leave at Home


  • Lunch with lots of healthy snacks such as-fruit, veggies, crackers and cheese, gorp(seeds, nuts and dried fruit)

                                                            protein bars, meat, hummus                                                

  • Reusable(preferably metal) Water Bottle-farm water is yummy and bottles can be filled at the stable
  • Sweater or Jacket (No Hoodies please, a danger around horses)
  • Riding Clothes:
    • for Legs-stretchy pants, riding breeches, leggings
    • Golf shirt or T-Shirt (NO Tank tops)
    • Socks, knee socks best to go over pants
    • Footwear with a heel, please no runners
  • Other Cl‍‍othes for games and athletics
    • Very Important-bathing suit and towel
    • Sun hat, peak cap
    • Pants or shorts in the hot weather
    • T-Shirt
    • Running Shoes for games and sports
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Rain Coat + Rain Boots


  • processed foods with die or artificial flavour, it is proven that these foods contribute to hyperactivity

    -for example   - the innocuous goldfish cracker and orange cheese both usually have food dye

  • Electronic toys & devices(cell phones may be left in bags or lockers‍‍‍ for emergency)